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Health Insurance

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Having the right health insurance coverage to suit your needs is essential to your overall well-being. These policies help pay medical expenses, including treatment for severe medical conditions and preventive care. This coverage may reduce how much it costs to get necessary health care. Contact our agency to learn more about your options and to get a quote.

Is Health Insurance Required?

There are no laws that require individuals to carry health insurance. Access to coverage can help minimize the costs of preventive care and medical treatment. With a plan, you’ll have access to doctors and hospitals, typically at a lower price than you’d pay if you were uninsured. If you need assistance determining which health insurance options best suit your needs, contact an agent.

What Are My Health Insurance Options?

There are several plans and additional coverage options to help you access necessary health care services, including:

  • Individual and family plans.
  • Group plans.
  • Vision and dental insurance.
  • Prescription insurance.
  • Health savings accounts (HSAs).
  • Disability insurance.
  • Supplemental insurance.
  • Long-term care (LTC) insurance.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Medical expense insurance.

Our agents can help evaluate your situation, recommend coverages that fit your budget and help you choose a provider.

Find Your Coverage

Hermes Insurance, Inc is prepared to help you determine the best coverage option for your health care needs. To learn more or to get started with a policy, reach out to an agent today.